The enlightened ones placed on altars and housed in shrines decorated in gold have all lived an austere and ascetic life of looking inward for answers and learning only to gain power over their own faculties. However, after their ascension into other realms, what has remained of them are stories woven with myth and fabrication, most designed to empower a select few with exclusive rights to the portal opened by these spiritual stalwarts into the higher realms and even to God(s).
The average person who seeks the teachings of these enlightened beings have to access it through these self-appointed caretakers who practice nothing of the teachings themselves. Asceticism is a joke as far as these ministers are concerned, they are decked out in silk and gold, sit on thrones, and they fly business and first. These are the kings and princes of a kingdom they have created on Earth with the promise of God(s). While the great souls washed feet and begged for alms, these high riding royals demand donations, endowments, and tax exemptions.
Rituals that have developed over the years with several generations of testing and improvement, things that have nothing to do with the practice of the actual enlightened beings and how they found their path. Rituals that cause one to become a follower and an enslaved doer, limiting one's ability of self-mastery. It does exactly the opposite of what is required of a higher path.
All of this may sound anti-establishment and derogatory to practitioners of faith, but this extends beyond just the industry of faith, this is how the education system operates, the politics of many nations, banking systems, and any aspect of society that seeks to delineate citizens into factions, some placed in positions of power and others condemned to a life of unquestioning adherence. Blasphemy! Dare you stand against their rule or question their authority. Did you not know that they have a hotline to God(s)?
It is a successful and thriving business that has lasted many centuries and even millennia, protected by the very people who stand to lose the most, the public. A twisted case of mass hypnosis or is it witchcraft? The recent years have seen a booming interest in concepts such as zombies, the walking dead, vampires, and other mindless creatures deserving of our apathy and merciless massacre. Is it a foretelling or recounting of a cycle that has been repeated in society with generation after generation of genocide and ethnic cleansing in the name of religion, politics, and other high principles preached by these gatekeepers of man's access to the divine and infinite.
Will there ever be an awakening and end to the cycle of dogma? I don't have the answer, but I pose this question to hopefully have more questions asked, however blasphemous it be, things that bother us need to be brought into the open and answers need to be sought not at the price of blood, but of good. People who have nothing to hide or fear don't go around butchering others so mercilessly and vehemently. No human with a good heart can celebrate such debaucherous evil.
These questions may be daunting and might appear to challenge towering forces, but if it is necessary they must be posed and if these towers must be brought down, so be it. Don't you breed fear in your heart. Speak as the will of your soul prompts you to.
A little girl once asked her mother why she'd religiously chop both ends of the stake before putting it into the oven. The mother had no answer. She just shrugged and replied, "That's just how we do things here." The girl demanded to know and understand this practice before she agreed to carry it forward. The mother had to give in eventually and went to her mother to look for answers, after all that's where she learned it from. The grandmother of the girl didn't know the real reason either. So they went to her mother. Now the little girl grew even more eager to learn of this great mystery. All three women of three generations gathered around the great grandmother who spoke solemnly and revealed this family secret, "In those days, we didn't have pans that were any bigger so we had to size the stake to fit the pan. That's all." 
Such is the nature of dogma. The real purpose of an act is common sense and reasoning. When the act is repeated and passed down generation after generation without any common sense and proper reasoning, we end up with a dogma. Be as brave as that little girl, you'll be amused with what you might discover, things that could truly lead to your enlightenment.
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