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'No Returns' — that's life

The sooner you accept who you are, the greater are your chances at unleashing your true potential.

Have you kept your receipt?
Our eyes face the outside world. We take it all in and process it within our conscious and subconscious mind. The people and events around us inform us of the ways of the world and how we fit into its mix. Our identity and understanding of self is established early, most of it is from how others treat us. The early part of our life is spent experimenting with ways to improve the manner in which people receive us and our ideas. Some of us may find early encouragement and mentorship, other may have to fight to make their point. Whatever the process it shapes who we are.
Somewhere along the way we will begin to look back and there'll be enough of a journey waiting to be reviewed and processed. At this stage, one may look toward religion and gurus for answers, some may look for an escape with intoxicants and wanderlust, and still others may decide to change careers or start a family and make it their main purpose in life. Whichever way one heads, life is ongoing until the very end. We can change external circumstances, geographical location, and the people we're surrounded with, but there won't be a change in how you feel until you alter your perception—especially, your sense of identity.
If you have chosen a career path that does not require you to interface with tons of people on a daily basis or maybe you are stuck to a computer writing code in a language no other human can interpret, then maybe you'll have less to worry about than others. Computers are not known to holding prejudice, they crash and complicate matters for everyone just the same.
For the rest, the sooner you are able to spend as much time understanding your own mechanisms of mind and body, as you spend in the world looking to fit in, you'll be able to control the one and only thing that may well be within your reach—your mind.
Nothing in the world can be fully influenced by you. It is an interdependent existence and everyone is influencing it at the very same time. Things will thus keep shifting and perceptions will be altered beyond what you can plan for. So while things may look up for a period of time, they may just as swiftly be disrupted by aspects of the world you didn't even know existed. And where things have been out of hand for beyond your capacity to hold on, they may well settle and turn golden before you can imagine it. There will be many ups and downs all through your life. Some subtle, some tumultuous. And you are not an exception, everyone will experience this in their lifetime.
Where you can choose to be an exception, is the way in which you handle these tides. Like a master sailor, you must be prepared to weather any storm. Take the helm and be in control of how you steer your ship.
Nothing can hurt you unless you give permission. No injury lasts for ever. It either heals or kills the body.  One way or another you won't be hurt for long. This is true for injuries caused to the mind and heart as well. The sooner you let go, the sooner you'll heal. There's nothing more important than your peace of mind and good health. Make those your priority at all times. Take calculated risks and challenge the odds, but at all times preserve your sanctity. There are some things that can never be recovered; time, life, health, respect, and love. Guard these at all cost and the rest, gamble wisely. You'll win some and some you'll lose. Don't be attached to the outcome, just stick to staying in the game. 
Your detractors will turn into supporters with time, only if you are walking in the direction you want to head. If you stop, look back, and go over to defend your truth through bitter words and retaliation, you are going the wrong way. Through all your years, know who you are and stand up for it with your actions and consistent performance.
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