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How can you find joy in adult life?

When you are a child it seems like it takes forever to grow up. Then you do one day and it just seems like one endless cycle of trying to keep up with the demands and pressures adult life. If that inner child fails to survive through these growing pains then the joy of living gets severely jeopardized. How can you protect your joy for life and what can you do about managing your adult life better?

Let’s try and narrow down our search to keeping that inner child alive while still meeting the demands of the adult world. What are the things that infuse joy into the life of a child? The sense of comfort and security from being in the arms of a parent is definitely a top answer here. 

But how do you carry this forward into adult life without being a sissy? You can’t. So, what can you do to find an alternative? You reserve the role, as this is about growth and so you become the parent and guardian—taking on the responsibility of providing comfort and security—and when you do, you’ll find the same joy and fulfillment again. Your happiness will come from offering opportunities to your children to experience the most of life’s beauty and magnificence while also doing the same for your own parents who will now slowly age forward and develop backwards, beginning to have more childlike needs and dependencies.

The other aspect of childhood that offers great incentive and satisfaction is discovery and learning through play and interaction that has no demands or goals associated with it—just pure innocent play. In the adult world, this is considered sacrilegious. Or another way of looking at it is as a privilege afforded only by those who have earned it. The entire entertainment and gaming industry, as well as the food and beverage business, thrives on this—the bars, restaurants, theaters, gaming business, casinos, hotels, holidays, cruises, and a whole bunch of other activities that are designed to meet this very need. You can remain creative through your adult life only if you have enough play integrated into your life. ‘Play’ is a manner of exploring new worlds and concepts without fears and limits thus making happy discoveries along the way that promotes growth. Just like a child is supervised by a parent to ensure that play too has discipline and values, we must be responsible at play.

The child needs an audience to try out what it has learned and thus through several performances it continues to improve until the desired response is earned. The child is more patient than it gives away. It has no other option but to succeed. We lose the desire to perform to an audience and to remain patient through disappointments from harboring a sense of rejection, insecurity, and complacency when we reach a certain point of independence, especially in spaces where we become unanswerable to an authority or when our survival is not threatened. The art of seduction is also lost over time. The child is an expert at luring the audience and captivating or even demanding full attention. If we can shake the dust off our performance hat and continue to invite, engage, and enthrall audiences regardless of some setbacks from time to time, we will continue to grow and retain the sense of self-appreciation. 

These are just some of the many factors that are associated with the child’s sense of exploration and joy that we need to find and retain in our adult lives. I implore you to continue looking in this direction and exposing the other elements that fall in line with this search to find and awaken your inner child.

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