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"Every journey ends at home"

We are all on a journey from the moment we arrive on this planet. Wherefrom, nobody knows. Unless we are back home we are still just making our way and the journey remains ongoing. The question of importance here is, "Where is our home?"
How can one define home? Is it the physical structure that houses our body and the people we call our family? The structure within which we take shelter from the elements and the place where we showcase our personal taste in decor and lifestyle.
Humans are the only species with a unique concept of home and how we toil all our lives to fulfill this need. The place we call home comes with an address and a zip code. The geographical coordinates are more than just a physical locator, it automatically classifies you as a person belonging to a specific socio-economic, geopolitical, and cultural strata.
The chartbuster debut single, 'Royals' by Lorde, starts out with a stanza that points this aspect of our society very effectively:
I've never seen a diamond in the flesh
I cut my teeth on wedding rings in the movies
And I'm not proud of my address, in the torn up town
No post code envy
If you live in the Hamptons, you're wealthy. If you are in Harlem, maybe not. You can travel to any country and you'll see this sense of disparity represented by postal code.
We are nowhere close to finding a satisfying answer to our search for the meaning of home. To worsen matters further, there is a bitter word rather brutally used with much apathy by a large segment of society that has no clear concept of what the word even means, 'homeless.' Many Americans often throw around the colloquial term 'hobo' in jest.
The world today suffers from an epidemic of homelessness. It is not just the result of poor choices or bad intentions, more recently a good majority of these people are hardworking, honest folk who cannot make ends meet and there aren't enough opportunities to help them find an equitable exchange for their services to afford the basic cost of living.
The wealth disparity and broadly advertised consumerist lifestyle choices add to the woes of many in further displacing their sense of identity and self-worth making what little they possess appear as being worthless.
This unmatched exchange of equity where a few humans wake up and find themselves worth so much more than others may be called capitalism, but then it is also suggesting that the people who do not fit this criterion are for the same reason insignificant.
Not everyone is born to be a salesman or an entrepreneur, someone who dreams to make a buck out of every situation. The world needs a good mix of all kinds of people. Mothers, for example, are a very critical aspect of any species, and yet it is the most undervalued function of society today. There is no incentive in terms of an equitable exchange of monetary value and therefore, these women who have just experienced the miracle of life come through them have to prefer going to work over being a mother and taking care of their offspring.
Mothering is more than just changing diapers and breastfeeding. It is a religious experience for the child and mother alike. So much is learned in these early years, and there is nothing that can take its place. But this situation of the unattended child produces a great opportunity for the capitalistic entrepreneur. Products that claim to fulfill the void left by the absence of the mother line the shelves of department stores.
The extra money now earned by the mother supposedly to maintain a certain lifestyle and to meet with the family's growing needs as well as to offer a better life to the child, will be spent on these products. The bottom line results in a debt and a neverending cycle thereof, how then did the mother gain from sacrificing the joy of motherhood for an earning?
Feminists have promoted the concept of the working mother as somehow empowering the woman, and yet it is seen today that is not the case always. I am pro-feminism, but I am more in favor of the woman being provided an incentive by society to fulfill the roles that have no replacement. Especially, the mother.
This may be viewed as socialism by a few. I'm not a socialist either, these are fancy names for political ideologies, and I am not very convinced of either of them being well-rounded enough to be fully endorse one above the other.
The structure of family must be upheld at all cost. There are certain elements of human society that have been the lifeblood of our species and the very essence of our communal sanctity.
Going back to the very beginning of this article and quite literally to the very beginning of everything, if the source of a journey is to be considered home, then we are always journeying until we return back to the source. All these incidents and experiences along the way are just transient occurrences giving us clues to guide us back home. Some clues help us get closer and some get us off course. Until we are really back home and can look back, we'd have no real way of assessing the nature of these clues as being helpful or harmful. In the immediate, however, we do have some sense of this from how it makes us feel and what we see as an outcome perceptible in the foreseeable time ahead.
There is also the question of identity associated with a home. It is the place where we dress the walls and the environment with our personality and the place where our ideas are expressed and explored without discernment. It is only through this unrestrained expression that we have the possibility of truly arriving at a place of comfort and realization of who we are at the core of our being.
The home is a sanctuary where we can let our thoughts rest or run wild, ideas can churn and be expressed, whether raw or bizarre, we can see ourselves separate from the flow of society and dig deep to learn about our individuated consciousness. It is only in this silence and solitude that we even have a chance to observe every thought that enters our mind as being a sperate entity that does not originate in us, but is a foreign being looking to make its home in us and it yearns to be expressed through our words and actions. Like a parasite and a host, the parasite rides the host to derive advantage and once it has received its incentive it can hop onto the next host, often leaving the previous one martyred to the cause.
A true mystic may, however, see expansively a reality that is often lost in the immediacy of life, seeing life as a continuous event, yet each living moment experienced as a singular incident at once separate from everything and also equated to all eternity. They may also see the entire universe as their home and may thus always and everywhere find the comfort and security to freely express and explore their unhindered expression of self.
Being at home at all times, such individuals are not journeymen, they have arrived. They are enlightened. They are liberated. They have nowhere else to go or be. They are at peace and in no hurry. Time does not exist. Space does not exist. Matter does not exist. They no longer exist separate from everything else. There is no death. There is no birth. Everything is home. They are one with all.
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