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Ever had the rug pulled from under your feet?

And have you ever found yourself get stuck in a pattern, where this seems to happen over and over across several areas of your life?

I'm a filmmaker. It's something I do for a living and something that has become a defining aspect of my life. Why am I talking about philosophy and life and how does my filmmaking experience qualify me to give out any life lessons? It is a valid question to be raised about the nature of my posts on my profile that largely represents my creative work, especially in films.
There are many kinds of filmmakers, just as there are many kinds of shoemakers. There are makers who focus on selling something to the widest consumer base for the highest margin. Their focus is to lure a large pool of consumers into an impulse buy so there is very little empirical decision making involved in the purchase. These are products designed around trends and the seasonal fashion propagated by tastemakers. As the season changes, the trend changes, and the consumer is always trying to keep pace. If they are left behind, society is largely formed of followers and there is great comfort in numbers. When you are left behind, you are often left out. So people who cannot keep pace are usually ostracised. There are filmmakers and shoemakers who make a killing from milking this public sentiment. There is no real need for substance or lasting quality in these products.
These are just broad definitions and there is a lot of range between the two extremes discussed here. The other extreme is the maker who creates not from the desire to sell widely and earn a large fortune but is led by the passion to go further than where anyone has been before their time and bring forth an idea that will forever transform human life in that space of thought and being. This is true of the shoemaker and the filmmaker and all creators alike.
The latter is the category that would best be represented by creators like Tesla and DaVinci. The former, you needn't look too far. There are plenty of serial entrepreneurs around out to make a quick buck with whatever is within their grasp and will sell fast before the trend fades away.
If you are following trends, it's not in any way a bad place to be. In fact, you are in a more guaranteed position and if you keep playing your cards right you'll always remain in the black. Whereas when you are in the space yet unexplored, following a deep hunch, looking to change the paradigm, you'll find your ideas opposed every step of the way. The very people who stand to benefit most will be the ones opposing you in the loudest voice. You cannot take it personally, these people already have a status quo they have learned to come to terms with. It is a place of comfort even with all its irregularities and shortcomings. If you challenge it and offer to change it, even if your promise is an allure, there is always a chance you'll fail. Since there is nothing like it to fall back on, they also stand to lose comfort with where they are right now.
I choose film as a medium of communication to tell the stories I yearn to share. It is the most impactful medium and one that transcends several borders. My interest is storytelling and films happen to be the format I have picked as best for this age. In both the seasonality of film trends and the flavor of this generation, I may have picked subjects that rattle quite a few cages. They more than dabble in areas long held away from the public eye, also punished in the earlier times by people in power using religious masquerade. But when it's time for an idea to come, nothing can stand in its way. 
The trials of standing by my faith and maintaining the sincerity of my commitment against the many forces that are mad with fear of losing their comfortable reign is what has given me the understanding and humility to share these learnings through my posts.
When taking a leap of faith and setting out to make something that will transform the status quo, you will be faced with several situations that will displace you. The carpet under your feet will be pulled several times and it surely won't be the magic carpet ride you hoped to experience. It is not so much what you are doing that causes this, but it's the fact that [your] doing so upsets a lot of people who are very comfortable where they are.
The closer you get to something the more people you affect. The more disruption you bring about. This is when you must remain calm more than ever. If you let the ripples affect you, you, in turn, shall lose your power as the epicenter and energy driving the effect. You'll be carried away and taken down in the process. But if you remain centered and continue forth despite the volatility, you'll cut deeper and enter new levels, having already affected the others before. Slowly a new status quo will be established as things can never remain in flux for long. And when it does, you will have made a deep impact. Count on it. Only you have seen the finished product and its impact on life. The rest are clueless, so you can never hold it against them for not going along as gleefully as you'd like them to. Remember this and you'll be golden. Let them pull all the carpets as they please, you will have learned to walk on air.
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