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Developing Character as an Artist

We have to start by asking, ‘Who is an artist?’
Everyone has consciousness and with it comes individuality. A sense of self and a unique window to the world. We see and exist on the very same planet, however, no two individuals can process this shared experience of life alike. The subtle and not so subtle differences in how we have internalized life to form our views and opinions influence how we forge relationships using different means of communication.

The content of our communication can be shared with the world around us through many different modes, but it is how well we influence and enrapture our audience that will determine its success and ours. There are a few who consider this exchange a religion and devote themselves ardently to improving the efficiency and effect of their pursuit. It no longer remains just an instinctive, come as it may, regurgitation of thoughts and ideas in a random order with no objective or desired outcome in mind as most conversations and exchanges end up for a great majority.

This committed individual looking to refine a thought in a manner that will bring out its very essence and make it relatable to the desired audience by engaging their senses and elevating their consciousness to new levels yet unexplored or unimagined in their lifetime and thus supplanting it into the zeitgeist and changing all of human evolution from that instant on is the ‘Artist.’

Why do some artists emerge while others perish?

We all have access to one or many faculties that we may engage to form refined expressions of thought. We all will start out with unbearable doodles and screeching yodels. Only those who seek to improve and remain engaged in the pursuit of that transcending union with the audience which will leave both the artist and their audience transformed for all eternity in spite of several prior engagements that might have been disappointing and downright abysmal to either will chance upon the golden gem of ‘Character.’

As the artist seeks to refine thought, thought refines the artist. When both the artist and thought are refined such that they are now inseparable, there is transcendence. 

A stand-up comic still looking to share an idea such that it will incite humor in the early days of their pursuit is unsure of what voice and performance style suits their unique act and perspective. There are several trials and errors made along the way. Subconsciously they make note of the mighty disappointments and sparse compliments gathered along the road. The ‘boos’ are markers that scream ‘do not enter’ and the ‘lols’ are the expressway to Graceland. Following along this pathway and making adjustments using these markers, the comic hits upon that golden gem, the ‘Character’ that is the essence of all they wished to represent. When this transformation plays out, everything they do and say now relates with their audience effortlessly and there is no separation between the act and actor. Bring to mind the greatest comics of all time and you’ll see this aspect clearly. Charlie Chaplin as the Tramp, Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura and Mask, Robin Williams as Mark and Patch Adams, Eddie Murphy as Nutty Professor, and the list goes on.

Apply this line of investigation to other art forms and you’ll now see clearly the character attained by every artist that brought about the transformation and transcendence to their art.

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