• Tom Thudiyanplackal

    pronunciation: Thu Dee Yen Pla Kal
    a.k.a. - Thomas Marcus George

    Film Producer/Director/Writer + Philanthropist

  • Filmography

    small but meaningful ...


    Winner of the Best Director National Award 2017

    Seed: The Untold Story

    Emmy nominated - Best Nature Documentary (Winner of 18 Festival Awards

    3 Idiots

    One of India's finest and most successful movies of all-time

    Lage Raho Munna Bhai

    A defining movie that cemented the position of Rajkumar Hirani as one of India's most gifted auteurs

    Eklavya: The Royal Guard

    India's entry to the Oscars - Best Foreign Language Film category - 2007

    Right Here, Right Now

    A festival-favorite [short film] that launched the career of auteur, Anand Gandhi (Ship of Theseus)

  • Interviews & Media

    Over the years...

    Producer's Showcase

    A first look at my slate of upcoming films

    NDTV India

    after the Indian premiere of my first short film, Rich Man's World

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    Find the secret to unleashing your inner genius

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    We are all on a journey from the moment we arrive on this planet. Wherefrom, nobody knows. Unless...
    We have to start by asking, ‘Who is an artist?’ Everyone has consciousness and with it comes...
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  • Career Highlights:

    • Creative leadership (15+ years)
    • Advertising, Media and Online experience (18+ years)
    • VP Development & Marketing: two of India's all-time highest grossing films
    • Global exposure: Asia, Europe, N. America
    • Pivotal contributions made toward the success of Ogilvy Interactive India, to Vinod Chopra Films, and to countless other ventures, films, and artists.
    • Script doctor, story analyst, story research, film packaging, casting, deal-making, hiring, mentoring, location, pre-production, production, post-production, VFX, music supervision, publicity design, PR management, marketing, distribution, sales
    • Innovations in in-film product placements, co-branded marketing, and promotional media tie-ups (Lage Raho/3 Idiots)
    • Shot more than a dozen short films with several festival winners in the mix.

  • Testimonials

    No one can best describe the experience but the ones who have experienced it first hand

    Vima Lamura

    Vocalist, Composer, Renaissance Visionary



    Filmmaking is a potent platform for skillfully weaving the artistic

    expressions of storytelling, visual and musical, to ​convey

    a message and create an effect on the observer.


    Thomas [Marcus] George possess a rare gift of vision with an

    acute instinct for what is needed in contemporary society.

    His deep insights meets the pen as his stories touch upon all

    dimensions of the human experience with eloquent themes,

    articulate imagery and spiritual acuity.


    Thomas Marcus’ stories and cinematic vision sets an elevated

    tone incorporating profound, powerful, transcendental

    elements that subtly teach and inspire.


    With all my heart, I feel his messages through filmmaking can

    make a positive impact on the minds, hearts, and souls of

    audiences worldwide.

    Jan Testitel

    Film Director (David)

    Jan's Profile and Reel


    In 2015 I made my first feature film called 'David'. The deeply personal story about a handicapped young man who escapes the security of his family and starts living on the streets. The film travelled to international film festivals such as Karlovy Vary IFF, Montreal IFF, Sao Paulo IFF, Warsaw IFF and others.


    The crucial point in my filmmaking​ happened, however, more than a decade ago. It was when I met Thomas back in 2004. I was about to shoot my first short film and was looking for a cameraman. Not knowing how to run a small set or how to compose the shots, Thomas was my first true filmmaker friend who helped me to go through the process.


    I was looking for a cameraman and in Thomas, I got a​ proper cinematographer. The experience of the shoot has stayed with me ever since. I have always tried to follow with a great interest where Thomas's steps would take him. Wherever that may be I am sure that everyone involved will benefit. True filmmakers are a rare breed to encounter these days. And Thomas is definitely one of them.

    Maheep Dhillon

    Director/ Writer @ Double Roti Films, Mumbai, India

    Thomas, my colleague and friend of many years, has travelled to, learned from and worked in varied film communities and cultures. Perhaps this is what makes him my go-to person to consult on any film project I have on hand. Or perhaps it is his innate calm, foresight and commitment.  All of which, in this industry, are rare, invaluable qualities.


    I have seen Thomas systematically tackle the most challenging tasks and emerge ahead of them. He has interacted with and represented difficult, if powerful, individuals, maintaining throughout, his unique sensitivity and refinement with all people.


    He has a wonderful flair for developing content and an astute understanding of the business. It is for his sheer talent, perspective and integrity that I go back to Thomas again and again, and, to put it succinctly, pick his brains.

  • About Tom Thudiyanplackal

    Producing original concepts rendered imaginatively for an ever evolving audience and medium. 

    Never ceasing, all encompassing ... living and exploring without apology

    Soaking in learning from all spheres of influence, a physicist by education, a filmmaker by profession, a philanthropist at heart, a traveler by nature, and a poet by default ... Tom brings a sense of credence to any subject or role he takes on by committing to it fully and challenging himself to simplify its complex elements and sharing its benefits with others using his innate ability to teach and mentor.


    Uncertainty is certain,
    so be prepared and never stop learning, growing, and trying.



    Apr 2009 – Present

    Script doctor, story analyst, story research, film packaging, casting, deal-making, hiring, mentoring, location, pre-production, production, post-production, VFX, music supervision, publicity design, PR management, marketing, distribution, sales

    • Identifying exciting properties and concepts (literary works, life stories, etc)
    • Acquiring rights and creating assets (concept note, synopsis, outline, treatment, screenplay)
    • Identifying and bringing on board the right crew and cast members to make a viable project
    • Pitching and closing finance, marketing, and distribution deals to give the picture the best life it can have

    Aug 2011 - Present

    Thought Leadership Council is a tax-exempt California 501(c)3 educational non-profit [public charity] dedicated to improving the odds of children and adults in reaching their highest inherent potential through engaging entertainment and education initiatives involving global thought leaders.


    Everything good has to start someplace. Take your first step here.

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